Mondulkiri is an eastern province of Cambodia, which is also the largest province in the Kingdom.
Mondulkiri Province is full of natural beauty, with densely forested mountains, powerful waterfalls and lush green hills on the west side.

Recently, natural stone columns have been discovered in Mondulkiri province’s Nam Lea Mountain in Lames village, Bou Sra commune, Pich Chreada district.

„The area is projected to be turned into an eco-tourism and heritage conservation area” – as written in the Phnom Penh Post.

Eco-tourism is very popular at the moment because people are attracted by what is natural and beautiful. Finding these natural resources is an amazing opportunity to develop the Mondulkiri province. The scale of the discovery is huge – it has great potential for the whole country. Mondulkiri could become another Angkor Wat!

Stone columns were discovered by accident, fortunately, because they had previously been found by people who wanted to sell them in Vietnam. One natural stone column is worth about $3000-4000!

The area has rich diversity of flora and fauna that needs to protected but the Ministry of Environment’s Department od Heritage and the provincional Department of Culture and Fine Arts are working on it!

Opportunities can be hidden – sometimes you have to dig a little, look from a different perspective to discover something valuable!

Who knows what else can be discovered in this magical place?


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