Sea of Opportunitie Cambodia

The purpose of SOOC is to become a leading real-estate trading company in Cambodia. And we want to get there by growing together with our clients.

We want to prove ourselves by creating extraordinary results for our partners and clients. We aim at revolutionising the real-estate trading process in Cambodia by using our local contacts and applying our business know-how and experience.

It’s time to stop relying on expensive Investment Funds. It’s time to dive into the Sea Of Opportunities Cambodia!

Our idea is simple

We have a dedicated team, passionate CEO and a long-term vision. We are in it for the long haul and we’re always planning ahead to secure our and our clients’ future.

And yes – I do own a beach now 😉

Why would you cooperate with us?

1. We offer REAL land. Real properties. Real assets.

We’re not interested in investing in pieces of paper. You’re not buying stocks, shares or other promises. You are buying a real land in Cambodia with huge growth potential and the possibility of doubling your investment.

2. You are buying from a REAL person.

My name is Wojciech Guzda and I’m an entrepreneur, not a Wall Street institution. I was born in a small Polish town of 1500 inhabitants and pretty much nothing else. There were no opportunities, no options to develop or grow. But I knew that I would eventually find a way out. And I did. Those were the times when new technologies were just being born. First mobile phones, the internet. It showed me that the world consists of a lot more than just my town. I started to have a dream – I wanted to invest in real estate and own my own beach one day 😉
Then, when I discovered how easy it is to use the internet to make money, nothing could stop me anymore. I went from my small town to the entire World. New cultures, new people, new connections. New investments. Then I discovered Cambodia with my business partner. We realised the potential and started to keep a close eye on the developments in this beautiful country. After two years of carefully watching and assessing the local real-estate market, ten visits and plenty of research – we decided to move from observation to action. And now we share this possibility with you.

We are not just selling a great opportunity. We are selling our experience, our observations and our knowledge of the local market.

3. We know what is going on. Exactly when it is going on.

How do we know what to be interested in? How do we know which property to invest in next? One of us is a native Cambodian with extensive local knowledge and the understanding of the local rules and mentality. Each potential investment is carefully assessed, checked and inspected. We are also familiar with Chinese and Cambodian local development plan for the next 7 years. And this abundance of information helps us see the direction of future growth. We pick our investments with all of that information in mind. And we go ahead only if we’re 100% satisfied with each and every aspect of it.

No middlemen. No virtual promises.
Real people, real properties, real-estate.

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